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Literary Agency Fires Employee for Using Parler, Gab

A literary agency fired one of its agents on Monday after discovering that the employee used Parler and Gab, two social media apps that cater to right-wing users.

Parler was forced to go offline in mid-January, after Google and Apple removed the app from their stores and Amazon ceased cloud services for the app. The decision by Big Tech companies came after some users issued calls for violence, following the riot of supporters of former President Trump at the Capitol on January 6. Both Gab and Parler cite commitments to free speech as part of their platforms.

The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency fired agent Colleen Oefelein for using the apps. The agency’s founder, Jennifer De Chiara, announced the decision in a series of tweets of tweets on Monday that were later listed as “protected” and inaccessible to anyone but De Chiara’s followers. The tweets were reported by Newsweek.


BLM Activist Parents murder White 3-year-old Adopted Daughter

SIMPSONVILLE, SC (WSPA) – Simpsonville Police Department officials arrested foster parents on charges related to the death of a 3-year-old girl.

According to a police department news release, officers responded to an address on Sellwood Circle at around 2:25 p.m. on Jan. 14 in regard to an unresponsive juvenile.

The girl was taken to Prisma Health Greenville Memorial Hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

Police, along with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and the Greenville County Coroner’s Office, determined during the investigation in the child’s death that she died as a result of physical abuse.




Opponents of such adoptions insist that allowing white adults to raise black children is at worst tantamount to cultural genocide and at best a naive experiment doomed to failure. In most states, custom reflects and reinforces these beliefs; public policy, formally or informally, discourages cross-racial adoptions or foster placements, to the point where thousands of children are denied placement in loving homes.

Now one of the Senate’s leading liberals is compounding the damage with a well-intentioned but badly misguided bill titled the Multiethnic Placement Act. Senator Howard Metzenbaum of Ohio sees his bill as a deft compromise. On the one hand, the bill prohibits state agencies or agencies that receive funds from the federal government from completely barring or unduly delaying transracial child placements, either for adoptions or foster care. This aspect of the bill has provoked the opposition of those who strongly favor racial matching, the policy that seeks to place children of a given race with foster parents or adoptive parents of the same race. On the other hand, the bill evinces a preference for racial matching by explicitly stating that race may be taken into account in making child placement determinations and by prohibiting only undue delays caused by efforts at racial matching (thereby implicitly authorizing some delay).


Media Silent on Crime When it Opposes Black-Victimization Narrative



Rapper Uzzy Marcus’s Brother Kills Two White Women, then Livestreams their remains