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I created this blog in 2007 after having been recalled from civilian life for a third combat tour, this one to Afghanistan’s Kunar Project. I created it because with a few notable exceptions, the counter-narrative to our government’s propaganda was largely unknown. I felt alone in my skepticism, and wanted to cry out, if only into the void.

This blog was my outlet. I’ve been posting 2-3 stories a day for over six years. Since I started tracking in 2009, I’ve had over 80,000. Lately, it’s been about 40-50 per day.

I knew what I was against before I knew what I was for — before I discovered the Austrian School of Economics, a definition of liberty. Curiously, my intellectual journey started and ended with security. (Perhaps culminated is a better word than ended, because I’m still traveling.)

In any case, it started with a skepticism about our wars, passed through the Constitution, to Austrian Economics, and culminated with Hoppe’s obliteration of the idea of the state as a monopolistic provider of security.

I will leave this blog in place, a monument to the passing of the pro-government, pro-war conception of world I had been indoctrinated with long, long ago, and a celebration of my libertarian awakening.

It’s mostly bad news here. Mostly the stuff I found shocking, disturbing, the stuff I couldn’t square with what my teachers told me in school. But once the illusions are broken, then behind this bad news there is great hope and happiness. The bad news is the vanquishing of false gods.

So it’s a monument, and an archive of my intellectual journey from 2007 until 2013. Perhaps I’ll still add a post occasionally.

I have two reasons for leaving this project: 1) I am absolutely thrilled to have discovered the vast numbers of people who still believe in liberty, strive for a deep understanding, and live their lives by their beliefs. I am overjoyed. The excellence of their proselytizing makes this blog much less important that it seemed in 2007. 2) I need time to write and pursue other projects. I’ll maintain a big presence on the internet with my own writing, reviewing books and more. You can connect to me here:

Thanks for reading.

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