an open letter to Lookout Names regarding “”

Dear Lookout Names,

Thanks for contacting me (multiple times). I had received an email some months ago regarding lostrepublic which invited me to make a bid.

I followed the link with the intention of making a low bid, but your website didn’t allow any bidding below $498 dollars.

Earlier, I was very interested in this domain and made offers of over $1,000, only to be told that the owner had rejected offers of $20,000. Was it you guys who told me this? Ridiculous. You shouldn’t have been so arrogant and greedy.

Lostrepublic is much less important to me now. I decided a few months ago to shut down .

If you want to sell me the lostrepublic for $100, I’ll buy it. I’m not even sure why, but I’ll do it. If you have offers higher than $100, please take them and leave me alone.

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