Labor Force Math & the Size of Government

Size of 2007 U.S. labor force according to CIA World Factbook (including unemployment): 153.1 million

Number of Americans employed in manufacturing: 13.6 million
in wholesale and retail: 21.5 million
in professional and business services: 18 million
in education and health services: 18.7 million
in financial activities: 8.2 million
in the information sector: 3 million
in transportation and warehousing: 4.5 million
in construction: 7.3
in mining and logging: .8 million
in other services such as repair, laundry, and membership associations: 5.5 million
in government: 22.4 MILLION!

That’s one in seven Americans whose salaries come from taxes.

(Read More from by Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration)

It’s like Ron Paul always says: We can’t afford this government. They should do what the constitution authorizes, and little, if anything, else.


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