Ron Paul Rising — and the establishment is desperate!

Mitt Romney campaign gets busted handing out fraudulent voting slates at the State Republican convention in Reno, Nevada.


open quotePrivately, sources close to the Ron Paul campaign say they believe Republicans will continue to ramp up his efforts to block Paul delegates at state conventions, particularly after Romney’s embarrassing delegate losses in Massachusetts. But state organizers tell Business Insider that Paul supporters are significantly more organized than Romney’s delegate team, and are ready to put up a tough fight in states like Idaho and Washington.

At this point, it is difficult to gage the actual delegate count, but even his closest campaign advisors admit it would be virtually impossible for Paul to deny Romney the nomination in Tampa.

So why are Establishment Republicans so concerned?

Even if the nomination is not in play, an army of Paul delegates could cause significant problems for the presumptive nominee, who needs a smooth convention to assuage concerns about his ability to unite and energize the Republican base.

While some of Paul’s delegates will be bound to vote for Romney on the first ballot, they will not answer to Romney’s campaign. That means that the presumptive nominee will have little control over how those delegates vote on the other issues at the convention, including the party platform, the convention chair, and even the vice-presidential nominee. If Paul winds up with the majority of delegates in six states — and it looks like he might — they will have the power to stop the convention proceedings, and make a motion on anything from electing a new convention chair, to changing the rules, to introducing new platform positions.
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In Oklahoma, GOP defies vote to adjourn & appeals, walls off part of convention hall.

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60 Minutes censors Paypal co-founder’s endorsement of Ron Paul.


Fox (as usual) attacks Ron Paul on foreign policy and Israel. Ron Paul (as usual) knocks it out of the park.


In Maine, GOP invalidates Ron Paul ballots:

Romney Camp Circulates Fake List of Paul Delegate Nominees at Maine GOP

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