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Did blacks sell blacks?

Did blacks sell blacks?

Answer: yes.

I will give you a truly remarkable example.

In the 1930s the True Whig Party – a party composed almost exclusively of the descendants of freed American slaves – sold hundreds of Africans to the island of Fernando Po. They also voted to reinstitute the institution of forced (indentured) labour.

This was more than a century after the abolition of slavery in England.

Let that sink in.

Zimbabwe deadline for firms to be black-owned passes

A Zimbabwe deadline for all firms to transfer most of their shares to black Zimbabweans has passed, but it is not clear how many have complied.

The government had said that companies should meet the requirements of a 2008 indigenisation law by the end of March.

Theoretically, non-compliance could lead to a company losing its license.

Alphas and Betas among African intellectual

Alphas and Betas among African intellectuals

Differences between Alphas and Betas. Where alpha means African intellectuals educated in Europe (excluding france) and Beta means African intellectuals educated in the USA (excluding those who have studied US law).

1. Alphas are almost invariably fiscally conservative, classically liberal and wealthy whilst Betas are not.

2. Beta’s are almost invariably preoccupied with race, racialism and inequality whilst Alphas are concerned with justice and law.

3. Alphas tend to be Agnostic about the pan Africanist idea or to oppose it outright whilst Beta’s love it. As a corrollary Beta’s almost always embrace the Afrocentric idea.

S. Africa — farmers appear in court after defending themselves. “Kill the Boer” sung outside the courtroom.

From a friend in S. Africa:

Farmers who responded to an emergency call after another farmer was attacked, killed the two attackers.

4 farmers were arrested; this was filmed outside court today

(They are singing ‘kill the Boer’.)

President Zuma sings about KILLING white South Africans (again)

Once again, President Zuma sings about KILLING white South Africans. Liberals refuse to notice this. Increasingly, physical violence against whites is ignored, condoned, even encouraged. See Jesse Benn’s article promoting “white wounding” in the Huffington post.

‘Crisis’ hit Zimbabwe wants white farmers back

Cape Town – Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s government has reportedly indicated, for the first time, that it may hand back land to some white farmers whose farms were forcibly taken away from them during the height of the country’s controversial land reform programme.

This comes a decade and a half after the Zimbabwean government seized large swaths of land from white farmers in the country – a move that saw a drastic deterioration in the country’s economy.