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The Flood Of 2016: Southeast Louisiana And The Consequences Of Real Community

…no devolving of society to the lowest forms of humanity…instead a tragedy that has brought out the best in friends, family, and neighbors; people who help others before they help themselves…who see the assistance of others as an assistance of self.

Rather than reward that with aid and bringing the full force of our collective national attention to examples of what resilient and strong American communities look like when challenged…these communities are ignored and left to fend for themselves…simply because they can. The consequence of being a strong community is that your tragedy is not mentioned in national news, your strength uncelebrated, and your needs unmet unless they can be met through your own resilience.

French hypocrisy over anti-Muslim, anti-Jewish rhetoric

Ha! The very same French journalist expresses indignation 1) at Muslims who cannot tolerate ridicule 2) at a Muslim for ridiculing Jews.

Some people invoke general principles and sacrifice for them. That is building a commons. Others invoke general principles when suitable to their tribe.

Europeans needs to demand universalism as a condition for extending it, as a condition for living in European society. Leave that tribal stuff in whatever backwater you come from, and we’re cool. Bring that tribal stuff here, and we’ll punish you for it.