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Takedown of Jared Diamond’s “Guns, Germs, and Steel”

It’s full of lies trying to show, as always, that Europe is nothing special.

backup link:

* No references, beyond “read these books too.”

* No methodology for domesticatable animals. Ignoring many cases of domestication of Zebras, Bison, Llamas.

* Outright lies about the benefits of wheat. Ignores the superior calorie density of potatoes and corn. Outright lies about the supposed inappropriateness of early corn to other climates.

* Claims that rice and barley were only domesticated once.

* Lies about African Sorgum crops.

* Bantu expansion.

* and much more . . .

Man Legally Changes Gender So He Can Retire Earlier

An Argentine man legally changed his gender so he could retire earlier, according to a Thursday report.Sergio, 59, an Argentine tax official, legally changed the last letter of his name to Sergia, assuming the identity of a woman, so he could retire five years early, the Daily Nation reported. Argentine law allows women to retire at 60 while men have to wait until they are 65 years old. Their legislation also states a woman can retire at age 65 — the same as the age of a man — but they will receive a higher pension, according to the United States Social Security Administration’s website.

Google found it paid men less than women for the same job (

The story we’re used to hearing is that women get paid less than men. In Google’s case, according to its own internal pay audit, it turned out male-identified Level 4 Software Engineers received less money than women in that same role. That led to Google paying $9.7 million to adjust pay for 10,677 employees.

It’s not clear how many of the employees who received pay adjustments were men (TechCrunch reached out to Google about this, but the company declined to share any additional data), but Google does cite the underpaying of men as a reason why the company paid more in adjustments for 2018 than in 2017. But The New York Times reports men received a disproportionately higher percentage of the money. . . .

Meanwhile, Google is still battling a class-action pay discrimination lawsuit and is the subject of a Labor Department investigation pertaining to compensation data.

Radical Judaism is a thing – children taught that non-jews are evil

Let’s all denounce our radicals.

Same story from two sources…

Jerusalem Post:

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish children enrolled in kindergartens run by the Satmar sect in London are taught that non-Jews (“goyim”) are evil, according to the British newspaper Independent.

The report cites worksheets handed out to children at the Beis Rochel boys’ school in north London. The Independent said that it obtained the instructional material through an anonymous whistle-blower.

According to the report, the students are taught that those who perpetrated the Holocaust were “goyim,” making no distinction between non-Jews and Nazis.

The students are also instructed to observe the 21st day of the Hebrew month of Kislev, which is the anniversary of the day in which Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum, the founder of the Satmar sect, evaded the Nazi threat.

“What have the evil goyim (non-Jews) done with the synagogues and cheders [Jewish primary schools]?” the worksheet reads. “Burned them” is the correct answer.

“What did the goyim want to do with all the Jews?” read another question. The answer was “Kill them.”

Independent (2015):

Three-year-old ultra-Orthodox Jewish children told ‘the non-Jews’ are ‘evil’ in worksheet produced by London school

The Very Sad Case of Black Fathers (and the data)

Astoundingly, nearly 92% of Black men eventually flee from biracial kids they themselves create!!! 92% Study from the CDC :

archived in case shoahed :

original :

Countless Sociology papers provoked creation of a recent documentary by the Black community, that Black men flee their kids, even if THE MOTHER IS BLACK. 72% if black mother :

Refer to :

archived in case shoahed :

72% from huge CDC study :

Since 2006 onward in CDC data it’s never been under 70% for blacks fleeing their black kids.

pdf distilled 72% :

And 98% of mixed race kids get NO MONEY SUPPORT from black fathers EVER !:

DOI: 10.2139/ssrn.2625893

Ninety Two Percent: Examining the Birth Trends, Family Structure, Economic Standing, Paternal Relationships, and Emotional Stability of Biracial Children with African American Fathers

ref “Table 6” of that 2015 Science paper :

I helped Google screw over James Damore

From Reddit:

submitted 1 day ago * by TiredOfLying4Google
I was involved in the internal decisions involving James Damore’s memo, and it’s terrible what we did to him.
First of all, we knew about the memo a month before it went viral. HR sent it up the reporting chain when he gave it as internal feedback, but we did nothing. There wasn’t anything we could do, except admit to wrongdoing and lying to our employees. We just hoped that no one else would see his document.
Unfortunately, the memo started spreading within the company. The floodgates opened and previously silent employees started talking. To quell dissent, we: told executives to write to their employees condemning the memo; manipulated our internal Memegen to bias the ratings towards anti-Damore posts (the head of Memegen is an “ally” to the diversity cause); and gave every manager talking points on what to tell their reports about the memo. In all our communications, we concentrated on how hurt employees purportedly were and diverted attention from Google’s discriminatory employment practices and political hegemony, never mind the science.
We needed to make an example of Damore. Looking for some excuse to fire him, we spied on his phone and computer. We didn’t find anything, although our spying probably made his devices unusably slow, preventing him from organizing support within the company. When we did fire him, our reputation and integrity took a hit, but at least other employees were now afraid to speak up.
Firing him without an NDA was a huge risk though. He was a top performer and knew too many compromising secrets, like Dragonfly, the secret censored search project in China. He had also reported several legally dubious practices in Search that still exist. Only God knows why he never leaked Dragonfly or the other issues, but I think it’s because he actually cared about Google.
Our response after we fired him was equally disgraceful. We were supposed to have a Town Hall TGIF to answer employees’ questions about the controversy. However, after questions started coming in that we couldn’t reasonably answer, we had to cancel it. We shifted the blame onto “alt-right trolls” and have avoided talking about it openly since then.
To control the narrative, we planted stories with journalists and flexed Google’s muscles where necessary. In exchange for insider access and preferential treatment, all we ask for is their loyalty. For online media, Google’s ads pay their paycheck and our search brings their customers, so our influence shouldn’t be underestimated.
We dealt with his NLRB case in a similar way. People are ultimately lazy, so we found a sympathetic lawyer in the NLRB and wrote the internal NLRB memo for her. No one wanted to spend the effort to oppose it, despite it being laughably weak. Then, after Damore dropped his NLRB case and filed a class action lawsuit, we had the NLRB publicly release their memo. Our PR firms sent press releases saying “the NLRB ruled the firing legal”, which was, of course, manufactured bullshit.
All of our scheming was over the phone, in deleted emails, or through an external PR firm, so we can deny all of it. Now that we’ve forced him into arbitration, we’re close to screwing him over completely.

Men ‘face MORE discrimination than women’: Global study claims males receive the raw end of the deal with harsher punishments for the same crime, compulsory military service and more deaths at work

Men are disadvantaged in 91 countries compared to 43 nations for women
The UK, the US and Australia all discriminate against men more
Italy, Israel and China are harder environments for women, according to study
Scientists created the Basic Index of Gender Inequality to assess inequality
Closer the BIGI score is to zero the greater the level of equality is in the country

Women are better off in more countries than men are, a new study has found.
A method that assesses the forms of hardship and discrimination facing men and women has revealed males have it harder in 91 countries out of 134.

Women were disadvantaged in only 43.

A study looked at 6.8 billion people around the world and scientists developed a new way of measuring gender inequality.
The UK, the US and Australia all discriminate against men more whereas Italy, Israel and China are harder environments for women, according to the study.

Researchers say this is due to men receiving harsher punishments for the same crime, compulsory military service and more occupational deaths than women.

. . . .

1 Italy M 0.00021
2 Israel M 0.000626
3 Saudi Arabia F -0.001554
4 Azerbaijan F -0.002668
5 Indonesia F -0.003089
6 Singapore M 0.003147
7 Turkey F -0.006155
8 China M 0.00626
9 Macedonia M 0.006834
10 Malta F -0.007316
11 Switzerland F -0.007938
12 Bahrain F -0.007938
13 Madagascar M 0.009967
14 Zimbabwe F -0.010275
15 Kenya M 0.011129
16 Belgium F -0.011181
17 Guatemala M 0.012198
18 Albania F -0.012889
19 Bulgaria F -0.012899
20 Germany F -0.012993
21 Montenegro F -0.013121
22 Bosnia and Herzegovina F -0.013867
23 Canada F -0.014173
24 Great Britain F -0.014545
25 Kyrgyz Republic F -0.015089
26 Sweden F -0.015749
27 Netherlands F -0.01585
28 Bolivia (Plurinational State of) M 0.016475
29 Georgia F -0.016536
30 Serbia F -0.016696
31 Lebanon F -0.016971
32 New Zealand F -0.017086
33 Austria F -0.017387
34 Ireland F -0.017437
35 Iceland F -0.017683
36 Czech Rep. F -0.018326
37 Peru M 0.018633
38 Greece F -0.019161
39 Norway F -0.019498
40 Ecuador F -0.020118
41 Slovak Republic F -0.021043
42 Luxembourg F -0.021134
43 France F -0.021771
44 Slovenia F -0.02206
45 United Arab Emirates F -0.022441
46 Denmark F -0.023474
47 Hungary F -0.023612
48 Mauritius F -0.023808
49 Australia F -0.024204
50 Romania F -0.024549
51 Ukraine F -0.024807
52 Cyprus F -0.025501
53 Vietnam F -0.025981
54 El Salvador F -0.026453
55 Burundi M 0.027321
56 Croatia F -0.028319
57 Iran (Islamic Republic of) F -0.028983
58 Spain F -0.029903
59 Kuwait F -0.031057
60 Moldova (Republic of) F -0.032404
61 United States of America F -0.032937
62 Jordan F -0.03303
63 Chile F -0.033213
64 Egypt M 0.033329
65 Mexico F -0.035445
66 Malaysia F -0.035954
67 Kazakhstan F -0.035984
68 Paraguay F -0.035997
69 Rwanda M 0.036707
70 Brazil F -0.036775
71 Syria M 0.036803
72 Finland F -0.038021
73 Bangladesh F -0.038924
74 Russia F -0.039489
75 Botswana F -0.039531
76 Tajikistan M 0.039583
77 Lithuania F -0.039616
78 Korea (Republic of) F -0.041126
79 Algeria M 0.042841
80 Japan F -0.042856
81 Costa Rica F -0.043729
82 Latvia F -0.045333
83 Belarus F -0.045669
84 Uganda M 0.045679
85 Honduras F -0.046228
86 Estonia F -0.046312
87 Belize F -0.047942
88 Trinidad and Tobago F -0.048587
89 Panama F -0.049067
90 Cambodia M 0.049407
91 Poland F -0.050899
92 Tanzania (United Republic of) M 0.05197
93 Tunisia M 0.053817
94 Cameroon M 0.053832
95 Morocco M 0.053859
96 Ghana M 0.054422
97 Colombia F -0.055583
98 South Africa F -0.055597
99 Portugal F -0.056756
100 Sri Lanka F -0.057614
101 Jamaica F -0.058214
102 Namibia F -0.058658
103 Qatar F -0.059365
104 Argentina F -0.059598
105 Thailand F -0.061156
106 Armenia F -0.065226
107 Dominican Rep. F -0.066269
108 Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) F -0.066533
109 Nicaragua F -0.06813
110 Malawi M 0.071353
111 Uruguay F -0.073659
112 Mongolia F -0.076926
113 Angola M 0.077184
114 Nepal M 0.081468
115 Zambia M 0.082919
116 Suriname F -0.084422
117 India M 0.084774
118 Yemen M 0.090227
119 Mauritania M 0.090505
120 Nigeria M 0.090757
121 Philippines F -0.09874
122 Bhutan M 0.109755
123 Senegal M 0.110049
124 Pakistan M 0.116173
125 Ethiopia M 0.116469
126 Cote d?Ivoire M 0.119953
127 Burkina Faso M 0.12362
128 Mozambique M 0.128963
129 Lesotho F -0.152642
130 Guinea M 0.153464
131 Liberia M 0.157644
132 Mali M 0.160473
133 Benin M 0.187256
134 Chad M 0.231138

Jewish Involvement in Contemporary Refugee and Migrant Organizations — Part Two

December 29, 2018/0 Comments/in Featured Articles /by Andrew Joyce, Ph.D.

Editor’s note: Andrew Joyce has been permanently banned from Twitter for posting some of these names—just the names, no comments. Because of new software, he has been unable to start an account even other other pseudonyms.

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Jewish Representation in Secular Contemporary Refugee and Migrant Organizations.

In contrast to the modest overrepresentation of Jews in anti-immigration groups (around 5%), Jews are nothing short of prolific in influential senior roles in contemporary refugee, asylum, and pro-migration organizations. Significantly, Jews occupy the leadership of all four of the largest and most influential (and nominally secular) organizations active in America today, the International Rescue Committee (President and CEO David Miliband), Refugees International (President Eric P. Schwartz, formerly of HIAS), International Refugee Assistance Project (Director Becca Heller), and Human Rights Watch (Executive Director Kenneth Roth, and Deputy Directors Iain Levine and Fred Abrahams).

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is one of the most significant organizations bringing migrants to the United States. In their countries of origin, refugees and their families are assisted by the IRC to prepare their cases to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), compiling personal data and background information for security clearance. Once their cases are approved, refugees are usually greeted at the airport by case workers from the IRC. The IRC then provides these migrants with a home, furnishings, food, and any other assistance that might be required. The IRC operates 27 offices across the United States, each offering food, housing, educational, and medical assistance. It also works closely with the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) Division of Refugee Assistance, which was reported in August 2018 as quietly removing its staff directory page. Consultations with the Internet Wayback Machine revealed the Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement to be one Carl Rubenstein, an alumnus of Tel Aviv Law School. In 2017, the IRC, in conjunction with Rubenstein’s ORR, resettled more than 51,000 migrants to the United States, and is currently a staunch lobbyist against current restrictions imposed by President Trump.

ews are very prominent in the leadership of the IRC. In addition to President and CEO David Miliband, there are at least 30 Jews in senior positions within the organization including Morton I. Abramowitz (Overseer), Madeleine Albright (Overseer), Laurent Alpert (Board Member), Clifford Asness (Board Member), Betsy Blumenthal (Overseer), Alan Batkin (Chairman Emeritus and Board Member), Michael W. Blumenthal (Overseer), Susan Dentzer (Board Member), Evan G. Greenberg (Overseer), Morton I. Hamburg (Overseer), Leila Heckman (Overseer), Karen Hein (Overseer), Marvin Josephson (Overseer),Alton Kastner (Overseer and former Deputy Director), Henry Kissinger (Overseer), David A. Levine (Board Member), Reynold Levy (Overseer), Robert E. Marks (Overseer), Sara Moss (Overseer), Thomas Nides (Board Member), Susan Petricof (Overseer), Gideon Rose (Overseer), Thomas Schick (Chairman Emeritus and Board Member), James Strickler (Overseer), Sally Susman (Board Member), Mona Sutphen (Board Member), Merryl Tisch (Board Member), Maureen White (Board Member), Jonathan Wiesner (Chairman Emeritus and Board Member), William Winters (Overseer), and James D. Wolfensohn (Overseer).

The Board of the IRC is comprised of 30 individuals, 12 of whom are Jewish, giving a Jewish representation at senior board level of 40%. The Board of Overseers consists of 78 individuals, of whom at least 25 are Jewish, giving a Jewish representation at this level of just over 32%. Since Jews occupy the position of CEO at the IRC, as well as 40% of the senior board and 32% of the lower board, it would be reasonable to assert that they enjoy a dominant role within the organization.[1] This dwarfs any Jewish representation seen in anti-immigration groups.

The International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) came to national prominence when Director Becca Heller brought a class action suit against Trump’s January 2017 travel ban on individuals from certain Muslim countries. Heller, who has described herself as an “intensely neurotic Jew,” was active from the very earliest airport detentions, and was assisted by former Yale law professor Michael Wishnie, also Jewish and a former member of Jews for Economic and Social Justice. Wishnie assembled “a group of students to draft a class action suit to represent not just IRAP’s two clients but anyone who had been detained.” The case was later also supported and taken up by the Immigrant’s Rights division of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) at the direction of its two Deputy Directors, Lee Gelernt and Judy Rabinowitz, both of whom are Jewish. At IRAP, there are three Jews on the board of the International Refugee Assistance Project: Jon Finer, David Nierenberg, and Carl Reisner. The board consists of 12 members, giving a Jewish representation of 25%. Aside from the board, other influential positions in the organization are held by Jews, including Deputy Legal Director (Lara Finkbeiner), and legal fellow (Julie Kornfeld). Again, this is significantly greater than any Jewish representation seen in anti-immigration groups.

Who punishes promiscuous women? Both women and women, but only women inflict costly punishment

Who punishes promiscuous women? Both women and women, but only women inflict costly punishment


Across human societies, female sexuality is suppressed by gendered double standards, slut shaming, sexist rape laws, and honour killings. The question of what motivates societies to punish promiscuous women, however, has been contested. Although some have argued that men suppress female sexuality to increase paternity certainty, others maintain that this is an example of intrasexual competition. Here we show that both sexes are averse to overt displays of female sexuality, but that motivation is sex-specific. In all studies, participants played an economic game with a female partner whose photograph either signalled that she was sexually-accessible or sexually-restricted. In study 1, we found that men and women are less altruistic in a Dictator Game (DG) when partnered with a woman signalling sexual-accessibility. Both sexes were less trusting of sexually-accessible women in a Trust Game (TG) (study 2); women (but not men), however, inflicted costly punishment on a sexually-accessible woman in an Ultimatum Game (UG) (study 3). Our results demonstrate that both sexes are averse to overt sexuality in women, whilst highlighting potential differences in motivation.