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A liberal friend lamenting the loss of economic concerns in the Democratic party

The host is arguing that today’s political figures are race hustling and ignoring economic projects and programs.

But isn’t this the macro picture of what happened over the course of the last few years? Cultural Marxism has replaced Economic Marxism?

Instead of telling the history of the world in terms of proletariat versus bourgeoisies (economic class warfare), it is women, gays and darker skinned races against straight white men (cultural class warfare).

From my vantage point you’ve been left behind as a proponent of a philosophy which has a long history of radicalizing extremely quickly and leaving its moderates behind, if not declaring them enemies.

Moderate leftists who think they are victims, for example, economic victims, very quickly find out that the aren’t victim *enough*. People who are bigger victims than you quickly push you aside and claim to possess a superior moral position because they are superior victims.

Anyway. I will avoid an argument. Feel free to tell me why I’m wrong.

The term Racism has been Rendered Meaningless

My left-leaning friends may not accept hearing this from me. Just as economic Marxists apriori dismissed arguments by people of the wrong economic class (via dialectical materialism), today’s cultural Marxists apriori dismiss arguments of the wrong ethnic/gender class (via all the invisible flavors of racism).

So here is a person from one the “good” classes making the same argument:




The cat’s been out of bag on Haidt’s morality research for a while, but it deserves a reminder. It could not be more timely.

People with different political views should start by identifying where they and they’re adversary lie on Haidt’s chart.

It’s the best (only?) language I know for discussing politics scientifically, freeing us from the “good/bad” language typically used to shroud the intuition embedded in our genes.

Our intuition makes us sensitive to different types of problem. We’re all blind and biased. Start here.


Post election violence

We shouldn’t stoop to defining the other side by the worst of its members. I will stoop a little, however and point out that only the left has proven hoaxes (, and more incriminating raw footage of real physical violence (

and let’s say nothing of the riots.

There was no “white lash,” at least not at the voting booths.

Haitians voted Trump. Cubans voted Trump. A smaller % of whites voted Trump 2016 than for Romney 2012 (58% vs 59%). A higher % of blacks and latinos.

There was no “white lash,” at least not at the voting booths. The “white lash” is what will happen in 2020 if the left doubles down on their “everyone is racist” religion.