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Literary Agency Fires Employee for Using Parler, Gab

A literary agency fired one of its agents on Monday after discovering that the employee used Parler and Gab, two social media apps that cater to right-wing users.

Parler was forced to go offline in mid-January, after Google and Apple removed the app from their stores and Amazon ceased cloud services for the app. The decision by Big Tech companies came after some users issued calls for violence, following the riot of supporters of former President Trump at the Capitol on January 6. Both Gab and Parler cite commitments to free speech as part of their platforms.

The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency fired agent Colleen Oefelein for using the apps. The agency’s founder, Jennifer De Chiara, announced the decision in a series of tweets of tweets on Monday that were later listed as “protected” and inaccessible to anyone but De Chiara’s followers. The tweets were reported by Newsweek.


Media Silent on Crime When it Opposes Black-Victimization Narrative



Rapper Uzzy Marcus’s Brother Kills Two White Women, then Livestreams their remains


1.) The best studies show the worst outcomes for transitional surgery and hormone treatment

-The media: “Trust the science, get a mastectomy and take hormones kid.”

2.) The best studies show masks are useless

-The media: “Trust the science, wear a mask.”

3.) The best studies show the lockdowns are ten times more deadly than the virus itself

-The media: “Trust the science, lockdown the country.”

4.) The majority of studies by economists show that when you control for crime, no racial bias is found in police shootings.

-The media: “Blacks are getting gunned down in the streets by white police”

5.) The majority of the studies show the expansion of right to carry laws decreases violent crime

-The media: “Trust the science, ban all guns.”

6.) Hundreds of climatologists, geologists, astrophysicists, and geophysicists conclude the majority of the earth’s warming can not be attributed to human action.

-The media: “Trust the science, we’re all going to die and it’s our fault.”

7.) All of existing data shows blacks are in prison at higher rates because they commit the highest rate of violent crime

-The media: “The racist criminal justice system is to blame for black men being in prison at higher rates than whites.”

8.) The majority of the science shows that obesity is the most dangerous comorbidity with coronavirus. Statistics show black Americans have the highest obesity and diabetes rates.

-The media: “Trust the science. Blacks are dying at higher rates from coronavirus because of racism.”

9.) The scientific consensus is that being obese leads to a wide range of other health problems and death.

-The media: “Being fat is the new healthy.”

10.) Dozens of studies by economists and data scientists show the election violated state law and constitution- and was stolen via ballot harvesting and ballot stuffing

-The media: “Without evidence, Trump claims the election was stolen.”

Netflix controversies

* One of the co-founders of Netflix is the great nephew of Sigmund Freud and the nephew of pioneering propagandist Edward Bernays.

* Cuties is part of the longstanding movement to normalize pedophilia

* 2 million people quit Netflix in protest to ‘Cuties’

* Netflix indicted by Texas grand jury for ‘Cuties’ film