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Video: Bernie Sanders Wrote An Essay About A Woman Who ‘Fantasizes Being Gang Raped By 3 Men – Democrats Silent

n 1972, the alternative newspaper Vermont Freeman published an essay by Bernie Sanders entitled “Man — and Woman” in which the future U.S. senator included a reference to a woman fantasizing about rape.


Hillary Clinton Begs Forgiveness from Rothschilds in Leaked Email

In emails from her private server made available to the public by WikiLeaks, Clinton’s close relationship to Lady de Rothschild is evident due to their warm exchanges which include phrases such as:

“You are the best […] Sweet dreams,” “I remain your loyal adoring pal,” and “Much love.”

This is significant as, judging by Clinton’s other emails, her communication style is almost always curt and concise, never approaching the outright declarations of affection found only in her exchanges with Lady de Rothschild. . . .

the most bizarre interaction between Clinton and Lady de Rothschild took place in an email titled “Info for you” (ID#1606), which was sent while Clinton was serving as US Secretary of State.

In the email, Clinton tells Lady de Rothschild that she had to ask Tony Blair (then-Prime Minister of England) to accompany her to Israel due to the Middle East peace negotiations taking place at the time.

Blair had previously planned to spend the weekend in Aspen, Colorado with the Rothschilds at an unspecified conference, but accepted Clinton’s invitation.

Clinton then says:

“I hope you all understand. […] Let me know what penance I owe you.”


Pakistan bans all Christians from participation in elections to preserve Pakistan’s Islamic culture & values

Pakistan National Assembly rejects Bill to allow non-Muslims to become country’s President, Prime Minister.
In Pakistan, only a Muslim can be elevated to the posts of President and Prime Minister.
According to Article 91 of the Pakistani Constitution, the National Assembly is empowered to elect one of its Muslim members to be the Prime Minister. Similarly, Article 41 of the country’s Constitution says that a person shall not be qualified for election as President unless he is a Muslim.
The brutal persecution of non-Muslim minorities in Pakistan must be stopped!
The United Nations, the European Union and the media are turning a blind eye to avoid damaging the image of Islam.


WATCH: With ‘First Jewish President’ Ad, Sanders Tries to Shift the Debate

Jamie Margolin, a Jewish climate change activist, opens the video with a declaration that a Sanders presidency would represent “blowback” in the battle against bigotry. Recalling that in 2017’s “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, white nationalists had chanted “Jews will not replace us,” Margolin comments with a flourish that “having a Jew literally replace them … would be so satisfying!”

Margolin’s statement ties the Charlottesville white nationalists to President Donald Trump, and the Sanders video features Trump’s comment that in Charlottesville there were “very fine people on both sides,” and that Jews who vote Democrat have “great disloyalty” to Israel.

“It is a difficult time to be Jewish right now considering the Trump administration’s anti-Semitism,” says Margolin, as the video shows multiple news reports of anti-Semitic hate crimes that happened over the past year.