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More Anti-White organizations, in historic context

Look at the founder of the anti-White hate group “Confront White Womanhood”, Sophie Ellman-Golan, who’s also the director of “Jews Against White Nationalism” (you cannot make this shit up) and a Strategic Messaging Consultant at Jews for Racial & Economic Justice (JFREJ), and who previously worked at “Everytown for Gun Safety” (AKA an anti-gun-rights lobby).

First they claim White Womanhood needs to be “confronted” (rape sure is a “confrontation”). What next? Ilya Ehrenberg, the Jewish communist Soviet commissar and war criminal who was head of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, encouraged mass rapes of German female civilians, saying “Use force and break the racial pride of these German women”

Paris Mural Artist Depicts Whites Getting Murdered, Raped, and Enslaved

PEOPLE SEEM TO BE catching on to the mural that was painted beneath the Eiffel Tower last September. The mural depicts White and Black figures intertwined and in the middle a Black male figure looks like he’s having sex with a White female figure. Many of people have pointed out the shape of the figures makes a six pointed star, or the “star of David”.

The artist Cleon Peterson named his mural, “The Endless Sleep,” a not-so-veiled euphemism for death — and the death of the White race worldwide. The term is but a slight variation on the title of Raymond Chandler’s novel The Big Sleep, and death is precisely what Chandler meant.


Statue of Judaic Confederate slave owner stands untouched in Florida

David Levy Yuleee was one of the tens of thousands of Judaic slave-owners of Sephardic-Judaic descent who bought, sold or traded in black slaves in the western hemisphere, as documented in the revisionist history classic, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews (three volumes).

In the year 2000 the Florida Department of State designated Yulee a “Great Floridian” and “award plaques in his honor” were installed.

Yulee’s statue is in Fernandia, Amelia Island, Florida. Needless to say it is untouched. No calls from politicians or antifa terrorists have been issued for its removal.

Neither the ADL or the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), both of which are recent recipients of millions of dollars in “anti-racist” donations from Apple Computer CEO Tim Cook, and 21st Century Fox movie mogul James Murdoch (son of Rupert), have raised the issue of the statue’s removal.

In the halacha of the Babylonian Talmud, there is one law for gentiles and another for Judaics, a distinction which the “revolutionary Left” seems to observe and respect when it comes to memorial sculpture in honor of Confederate slave-driver David Levy Yuleee.


Ruqqus comment thread about JQ


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Why hate Jews?

I went on Voat and it was pretty antisemitic with a lot of holocaust deniers . I really don’t get why, can someone give me the main points even if they don’t believe them?

Titus70 · 1 day ago

“America only reluctantly supports Israel”

lol Here’s Nancy Pelosi swearing her undying allegiance to a foreign nation


She’s flanked by Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer (tell me why you think he supports Israel) and Haim Saban, an Israeli national who was Hillary Clinton’s largest donor.


Great going. Ignore the 3 trillion dollars in taxpayer funds given–WITHOUT FAIL, WITHOUT END–over the last 70 years, of course. Ignore the free military supplies–GIVEN NO MATTER THE ADMINISTRATION–over the last 70 years, of course. Ignore how no one in the US has ever punished Israel or an Israeli for THEIR THEFT OF AMERICAN MILITARY SECRETS, DIRECT THEFT OF ENRICHED URANIUM (by jews, from a power plant that was managed by a jew), OR THE WHOLESALE FUNDING AND ARMING OF AMERICA’S MILITARY ENEMIES. Ignore that Israel has REPEATEDLY ATTACKED THE UNITED STATES DIRECTLY IN ORDER TO TRICK THEM INTO FIGHTING ISRAEL’S ENEMIES. Ignore all of that, goy. There’s absolutely no support for Israel forced on the American people. NO MORE THAN ANY OTHER ALLY OY FUCKING VEY THREE TRILLION IN TAXES.

The Israeli Minister of Education said Jews marrying non-Jews is a second Holocaust. The notion that race mixing is a form of genocide is condemned when the alt right says it.


Israel performs DNA tests to make sure people are Jewish by blood, but welcomes atheist ethnic Jews who do not practice Judaism.

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Only 1/50 Americans is Jewish. But 7/8 of the Democratic party’s largest donors are Jewish.

The largest Republican donor is Sheldon Adelson, and he and people like him absolutely influence our disastrously costly Middle East policy.


Israeli newspapers openly blame American Jews for the Invasion of Iraq


Clinton’s largest donor was Israeli national Haim Saban, who pushed Clinton to embrace amnesty for illegal aliens because he owns the Spanish language television station Univision


Here’s Bill Kristol, son of Neoconservative founder Irving Kristol, mocking the white American working class and saying he wants to replace them with immigrants:


George Soros’s son Alex admits that his father pushes open borders and multiculturalism in order to advance Jewish interests:

Alex told me that for many years, his father had not been eager to advertise his Judaism because “this was something he was almost killed for.” But he had always “identified firstly as a Jew,” and his philanthropy was ultimately an expression of his Jewish identity, in that he felt a solidarity with other minority groups and also because he recognized that a Jew could only truly be safe in a world in which all minorities were protected. Explaining his father’s motives, he said, “The reason you fight for an open society is because that’s the only society that you can live in, as a Jew

Do we need to get into Jewish dominance of American media? Jewish authors brag that Jews control Hollywood then accuse any goy who makes the same statement of being an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist


Disney/ABC is run by Bob Iger. Viacom/CBS is owned by Shari Redstone. CNN is run by Jeff Zucker. I could go on and on if you like.

None of this means you have to hate every single Jewish person. Jewish people I think highly of include Stephen Miller, Jonas Salk, John Milius, and my college girlfriend. But I’m not going to pretend that I don’t see what is going on right in front of my face.