1. I have only taken a glance at videos presented.

    I reply rather on my specific training in military
    nuclear weapons and medical uses of ionizing radiation.

    I assume the writer has left Ukraine because
    before posting this snippet because he failed to
    interview an acknowledged leader in effects of

    He failed to interview Dr. Igor Schymlanskii of
    Rivne, Ukraine.

    Writers especially young ones with preset
    opinions fail to do good basic and rigorous
    research into topic they write about rather
    just rehash opinions of others. This failure .
    to interview Dr. Schymlanskii and his dedicated
    scientific team is an example of gross
    negligence typical of the main stream media.

    Dr. Schymlanskii team often has opinions which
    differ from the bureaucrats in Kiev. However, he
    is dedicated surgeon and radiation reseacher.

    Understand that Rivne is a primary international
    center for research on the effects of Chernobyl.
    Rivne was in path of cloud of radiation that was
    emitted by Chernobyl. And the head of the reaserch
    is a man who has courage to speak accurately and

    Dr. Schumlanskii’s opinion should be sought and
    presented. Rather we get lazy rehash of others work.

    Where are the original research and unique writings?

    The poster has morphed into a bureacrat… Such is
    a great disappointment and pity.

    A few years ago the poster wrote of writing, but all
    he is serving is stale bread.

    Ed K

  2. My friend, you seem to misunderstand this blog. It’s ALL rehashing. This blog is entirely a collection of snippets I find alarming, troubling, or just interesting.

    There are 2-3 posts a day. No, I do not research their topics independently. I offer them for my readers consideration.

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