Canada’s $1.5BN Afghanistan Aid Effort: “All the projects have failed. None of them have been successful”

open quoteHampered by an increasingly hostile work environment and a bureaucratic culture that discouraged innovation, Canada’s aid blitz in Afghanistan seemed at times “divorced from reality” in the war-ravaged country, concludes a previously secret review of the $1.5-billion program.close quote (Read more)


  1. Yes it is easy to post about all the failures and
    negatives. However, where are the good
    suggestions and illustrations on how to do thing
    right, or sucessfully?

    Yes those are harder to find, or more difficult to
    write about. In order to effect positive change
    good factual alternatives need to be presented.

    Such would take a good wordsmith with understandingt.
    Yet the media and those capable of good insight fail
    to illustrate with alternatives.

    Of course one reason is that presenting altenatives
    takes insight and salemanship, which requires
    thought [aka mental work] and work [phyically putting
    thoughts to media].

    As an aside:

  2. This blog is largely dedicated to dispelling the powerful myths people cling to about the state and politicians. For an inspiring lecture about the power of commerce, I recommend tuning in to Jeffrey Tucker:

    Jeff Tucker & Roman Skaskiw PFS 2012

    Regarding your aside — I like Chuck Palahniuk. Would love to meet him some day, but I’ve got a lot of work to do before then.

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