FBI nudges state ‘fusion centers’ into the shadows

April, 2008

“The FBI is pressuring states to become more secretive and limit even routine oversight of the bureau’s data-sharing arrangements with local police, a new document shows. . . . The memorandum, obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center and released on Friday, says that any ‘disclosure’ to Congress of information shared with the Fusion Center can happen only ‘after consultation with the FBI.’ . . .

It also says that requests from media organizations even for non-classified material made under Virginia’s open government laws will be referred to the FBI and then strongly opposed.

It also indicates that the FBI is responsible for a Virginia state bill called HB1007 — introduced two days after the FBI signed the memorandum on January 6 — that would exempt the Fusion Center from open government laws.” (Read more from news.cnet.com)

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