1. Comments on Matt Barrow.

    Have you communicated directly
    with him?

    He looses his effectiveness by just
    rambling with out script and looking

    Learn from Barack Obama and while
    you may not have telepropter, old fashion
    big outline behind camera helps. Take
    public speaking and drama lessons to
    be more effective.

    There is little value in good ideas if they
    are not presented effectively. While many
    do not have the aptitudes and abilities to
    be an evalgelist, most can improve their
    presentation and public speaking if they
    worked at doing so.

    Vince Lombardi is quoted as saying
    practice does not make perfect, perfect
    practice does.

    There is an organization that helps make
    you better at presenting your ideas.

    It is called Toastmasters International.
    Both of you guys should join and participate
    for a minimum of one year. I believe that
    you would notice the changes and recognize
    what I am saying.

    Both of you guys could be tomorrows leaders.
    Just not the way you are marching today.

    The value of both of your presentations can
    be greatly increased. Why do half a job?

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