San Bernadino (great essay)

—“The New Atheists may have the cleanest conscience today in a sense, but it comes at the price of an amazing lack of historical awareness, empathy or sophistication.”—

—“There is, of course, another way of interpreting our troubles with Islam. Islamic fundamentalism can be seen as a very recent development rooted in colonialism and revolt, a kind of Marxism-Leninism-With-Prayers. If you put it that way, many will respond with greater sympathy; the underdog always gets cut some slack, and progressives’ anti-authoritarianism may find itself weirdly aligned with what is, in my opinion, the most authoritarian belief system ever created. Still, we may assume some responsibility for all of this: had the French never colonized Algeria, it’s unlikely that Franco-Algerians would be gunning down cartoonists in Paris.”—

The last sentence (at least part of it) is awful.

—“There is no place for blood and honor and absolutism in the world that is emerging, and Islam will have to adapt, or die.”—

I’m afraid social norms and property rights have to be enforced the old fashioned way — with blood and honor.


It is related to my post about Run Away Underclasses:

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