1. This is so lovely. Picture me standing at an airport security check point, trying to diltreecsy wipe away tears. Very moving and a good reminder to live in the moment with your kids.

  2. PK’s hat is the Inaugural Season version. He’s either:1) A douche who is wearing a hat for a place that he’s never been to.B) Rubbing it in the face of every other football writer that they haven’t been given the personal tour of the new Baseball Landbarons’ new stadium.!) Just a douche.

  3. tak ada yg luarbiasanya…. biasala. itulah adat resam org melayu… yang beragama ISLAM… kita tidak dibenarkan membenci satu sama lain.. so bila ada org menjemput utk makan bersama… tak ada apa yang luarbiasanya bagi org yang mengamalkan ajaran ISLAM… cuma org yang sengaja nak memecahkan umat ISLAM saja yg menampakan isu ini terlalu hebat…

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