Description of hysterics at Clinton Victory Speech

This is absurd, but it seems unavoidable when 300 million people are sanctioned to tell each other how to live. Two solutions:

a) Deny people access to political power.
b) Minimize the role of government in our lives.

States rights accomplish both of these things, at least to a limited extent.

“I was at the main hub where Hillary was supposed to give her victory speech. Jesus Christ it was the WORST experience of my life. My mom dragged me along because she wanted to witness history and be there when the first woman president addressed the country. I KID YOU NOT, Every time (and I’m fucking serious i mean EVERY. FUCKING. TIME.) it was announced that another state had voted trump, maybe around 4 women would collapse, or just straight up bodyslam themselves to the ground and begin to either convulse, scream their heads off with tears streaming down their faces as if they’ve just been stabbed, or pretend to faint and lay on the ground for like 20 seconds like an idiot playing dead. I’d even hear screams from women across the crowd yell out “Oh my god, she’s having a heart attack, someone call 911!” meaning that it wasn’t just happening around the area I was standing. There was so much fucking screaming from the women near the end (like emotional screaming, not cheers) that I almost left before it was over. I even remember seeing one white chick screaming so hard that her whole head and eyes were bloodshot red, veins throbbing on her neck and everything. I moved my mother and myself towards the back of the crowd when they were going to announce the final vote because I knew the exits would be clogged up by more retards pretending to be ill or some shit causing the only exits to be blocked and everyone unable to leave. I wasn’t wrong. Luckily I was one of the first ones out. Godamn it, even when we were walking down the hallways to get to the parking lot, there were so many fucking women sitting on the ground against the wall slumped over with people fanning their faces with homemade Hillary Clinton posters, screaming “Give her some air! Move away and give her air!”. The whole thing was fucking wild, like what could you possibly change by acting out like that?” Anonymous /pol/

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