Rabbi Joseph Krauskopf lecture on 8th century Jews helping Arabs invade Christian Spain

Below are excerpts from an 1886 compilation of lectures by Rabbi Joseph Krauskopf where he admits Jews’ intentions to ruin Christian nations:

The rule seemed to be, in localities where Christianity predominated the Jews suffered; where the Heathens were in power the Jewish communities flourished.

The degraded and tortured Jew was filled with a bitter hatred against Christianity, and with a burning longing for revenge.

And vengeance came.

Nearer and nearer drew the Arab-Moors. They reached the Northwestern point of Africa, where the Jews, who had fled and who had been banished thither, and who had risen there to power and influence, greeted them with a hearty welcome.

Both parties conspired with the Moorish chief, Amir Musa Ibn Nosseyr, for the invasion of Spain.

Musa grasped eagerly at this ardently wished-for opportunity. He dispatched his valiant warrior Tarik, with 12,000 men across the narrow strait that separated Africa from Europe, and Islam from Christianity.

Roderik met him at the banks of the Guadalete with an army eight times as large, and that day was the last Spain beheld him and his army.

On that day Christianity ceased to rule within the land of Spain, and as its power sank, there dawned once more the sun of prosperity unto Israel.

https://www.gutenberg.org/files/50408/50408-h/50408-h.htm#CHAPTER_VIII (Chapter VIII: The Entrance of The Jews Into Europe)

https://www.gutenberg.org/files/50408/50408-h/50408-h.htm#CHAPTER_IX (CHAPTER IX: The Entrance of The Jews Into Spain)

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