Huey Long – potential America-First presidential candidate assassinated in 1935


On September 8, 1935, Weiss confronted and shot Huey Long in the Capitol building in Baton Rouge. Weiss was cornered and killed by Long’s bodyguards, being shot sixty-one times. In an unusual public response, thousands attended his funeral.

Weiss was born in Baton Rouge to Carl Adam Weiss, M.D., and the former Viola Maine. His family was Jewish.

Foreign Policy:

In terms of foreign policy, Long was a firm isolationist. He argued that the United States involvement in the Spanish–American War and the First World War had been deadly mistakes conducted on behalf of Wall Street. He also opposed American entry into the World Court, the international court attached to the League of Nations.

Policy on Federal Reserve & Communism:

Long was a staunch opponent of the Federal Reserve System and Communism. Long was smeared for these particular policies. Roosevelt referred to Long as a “Hitler-type” politician. It Can’t Happen Here, a satirical 1935 political novel by American author Sinclair Lewis, portrays Long as a Nazi.

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