Communist leader Nelson Mandela says Jews key collaborators in overthrowing white South Africans.

1990: Ted Koppel ABC News interview with communist leader Nelson Mandela. Mandela says “We have many Jews in our struggle and they have occupied the very top positions.” He says that precisely due to the strong Jewish presence in his organization, Muammar Gaddafi would not allow him to open offices in Libya. He confirms that Jews are his collaborators and that Jews are of vital importance to his plans for South Africa. Mandela was radicalized by Jewish communists in college, namely Joe Slovo and Ruth First. First’s parents founded the Communist Party of South Africa. Slovo served as Mandela’s legal advisor when Mandela was arrested for his efforts to violently overthrow the white South Africans. Mandela would later appoint Slovo as Minister for housing. A Jew named Arthur Goldreich led the terrorist armed wing of Mandela’s organization. Goldreich and another Jew, Harold Wolpe, were arrested for conducting sabotage operations targeting white South African sites. Goldreich and Wolpe disguised themselves as Christians by dressing as priests. The goal of Mandela and his communist Jewish collaborators was to end apartheid (racial segregation of blacks and whites) in South Africa. Ending apartheid resulted in South Africa being reduced to a warzone, white genocide and white flight. Having destroyed South Africa, 50,0000 Jews have fled post-apartheid South Africa, many relocating to Israel while the remaining white South Africans are being raped, pillaged and butchered daily. Mandela was awarded the The Order of Lenin medal, the highest civilian decoration awarded by the Soviet Union. Lenin, the communist Russian leader, was Jewish.

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