On Free Immigration and Forced Integration

This is a wonderful essay I recently discovered by Hans Hermann Hoppe. It demonstrates the anarcho-capitalist point of view.

If the government excludes a person while even one domestic resident wants to admit this very person onto his property, the result is forced exclusion (a phenomenon that does not exist under private property anarchism). Furthermore, if the government admits a person while there is not even one domestic resident who wants to have this person on his property, the result is forced integration (also non-existent under private property anarchism).

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  1. What about on a national level?

    Libertarians are just as much border busters as the business establishment and radical left are. Only difference being the reasons are different:

    One does it in the name of freedom (it’s really free dumb), one in the name of profit, and the other in the name of importing a revolutionary underclass.

    You’re all nation destroyers in my view.

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