Virgin Launches First Space Tourism Program

open quoteWealthy individuals looking for the ultimate vacation experience can now turn to multi-billionaire business mogul Richard Branson, head of Virgin Galactic, for a unique tour to get away from it all.

Branson has launched the world’s first commercial space tourism program.

Virgin Galactic’s tour rocket SpaceShipTwo made its first solo flight on Sunday. The company says it is one step closer to providing space travel to everyone.

“It’s a very big deal,” Branson told The Associated Press. “There are a number of big deals on the way to getting commercial space travel becoming a reality. This was a very big step.”

“We now know that the spaceship glides,” he continued. “We know it can be dropped safely from the mothership, and we know it can land safely. That’s three big ticks.”

Virgin Galactic says roughly 370 people have signed up for the program so far. A ticket to ride on the SpaceShipTwo costs $200,000.close quote (Read more from

. . . and God bless the free market!

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