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  1. Roman,

    Your fellow New Yorker who ascribes to the conspiracy theory and is on the FBI watch list because of his views responds to your post this way:

    “After they killed OBL last week, after the relief wore off that this vile piece of shit was dead, it occurred to me that the reason they killed him.”

    “INSTEAD of taking him alive was his complicity with the ISI , CIA , MOSSAD on 9/11. He may’ve spilled the truth to his lawyer but would never have
    been taken seriously no matter what he said, but his files would we put some holes in the governments case against a conspiracy. Now the govt has all the info and
    has the initiative.”

    “They could easily move against the 9/11 truth movement at the end of the summer and crush any dissent and questioning people, all in the name of
    remembering the dead and making them martyrs…”

    “Its a wonderful country, too bad its terribly corrupt.”

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    Ed K

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