the Trotskyite roots of the National Review and ‘neo’ conservatism

open quoteHave you ever used the term “Islamofascist?”

Do you get excited when some politician gets up on his hind legs and starts babbling about “American exceptionalism?”

You, too, may be a Trotskyite.

. . . .

The typical American wannabe conservative does not want to think too deeply about why a supposedly right-wing publication would get so worked up about a piece of writing that offends liberal sensibilities.

That wannabe conservative has been brainwashed by the heirs of old Leo.

I get these pests commenting constantly on my blog. They parrot the neocon line about spreading human liberation to every corner of the Earth without even realizing that every word of it has been planted in their brains by Trotskyites.

Here on the Lew Rockwell blog is a good explanation of the roots of “neo” conservatism in the thought of Trotsky:

From the anti-Stalinists who became conservatives — including James Burnham, Whittaker Chambers, and Irving Kristol — the Right gained a political education and, in some cases, an injection of passion. The ex-radicals brought with them the knowledge that ideological movements must have journals and magazines to articulate their perspectives. In 1955, for example, William F. Buckley, Jr., launched National Review at the urging of Willi Schlamm, a former German Communist. In its early years, National Review was largely written and edited by the Buckley family and a handful of former Communists, Trotskyists, and socialists, such as Burnham and Chambers.

Read the whole thing. Then you will get some understanding of why NR seemed conservative at a time when worldwide communism was a real threat but now seems so liberal. By “liberal” of course I mean in favor of the sort of big-government, centralized state that the Republicans created under George W. Bush.

You can see why these NR types feel so threatened by Ron Paul. He represents a return to the small-government, decentralized conservatism popular before the Trotskyites took over the American “right.”

They’re much happier with a hack like Newt Gingrich who can stir up the masses to concentrate even more power in Washington. They can overlook his support for cap-and-trade and the individual mandate as long as he pushes their internationalist foreign policy. close quote (Read more)

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