Feds threaten to raid summer concerts to seize guitars

open quoteThe Obama Administration is once again poised to begin harassing Gibson Guitars of Nashville, Tennessee, this time taking its grievances with the company to musicians and fans at summer concerts across the nation.

Administration officials have threatened to raid summer concerts in order to seize what it deems to be illegal guitars made from wood that has been banned.close quote (Read more)


  1. How can they know if wood is really from illegal source? Lab test might show but what is costs of such testing?

    This is great example of Fascism of Obama administration.

    “Fascist regimes almost always are governed
    by groups of friends and associates who appoint
    each other to government positions and use
    governmental power and authority to protect
    their friends from accountability. It is not
    uncommon in fascist regimes for national
    resources and even treasures to be appropriated
    or even outright stolen by government leaders.”
    Dr. Lawrence Britt

  2. There’s an interview with the CEO where it says the Indian government tells them he didn’t break any rules. He has no idea why he’s being prosecuted. Other guitar makers who use the same wood have been left alone.

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