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‘Expert’ Claims Submitting To ‘Draconian’ Mandatory Corona Vaccine ‘Our Patriotic Duty’

Dr. Michael Lederman is the lead author of a recent opinion column in USA Today proposing that not only should COVID-19 vaccines be mandatory without exceptions, but there should be admittedly “draconian” and severe penalties for those who refuse to comply:


Weaponized Mycoplasma – Garth Nicolson

Weaponized mycoplasma is a bioweapon designed to achieve a soft kill of the population on a massive scale. Big Pharma was instrumental in this research along with the military bioweapons R&D agencies in increasing the efficacy, transmission and contagion factors of this bioweapon.

Garth Nicolson, whistle-blowing microbiologist, addresses these issues in this video from the Common Cause Medical Research Foundation Conference in Sudbury, Aug 29-31, 2008.